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FAQ - Hepco&Becker - Corona Virus

Here we answer all acute questions and facts about Hepco&Becker in times of the Corona Virus. To prevent the virus from spreading as far as possible, we have implemented a number of precautionary measures and procedural changes internally. In this way, we ensure that the risk to our employees is as low as possible.

General questions:

Q: Can I still buy Hepco&Becker products?
A: Yes, the operation will continue, and we can still provide you with high quality accessories.

Q: Where can I buy needed parts?
A: As usual you can order parts through our online shop, you can also call us or just write an email.

URL: www.hepco-shop.de
Mail: shop@hepco-becker.de
Tel: (+49) 0 6331 / 1453 – 222

Also, our competent specialist dealers can still order parts for you. Unfortunately, we do not have any exact information about any restrictions on the part of the specialist dealers.

Q: Can I come by to your factory Outlet in Pirmasens (Germany) and pick up the parts?
A: Our factory outlet has been open again since 20.04.2020.

Mon. to Fri. from 8:00h to 17:00h

Of course, we have taken several measures to meet hygiene standards and ensure the protection of staff and customers. When entering the factory outlet, please note that you should disinfect your hands at the entrance. If you want to examine and test exhibits with your hands, disposable gloves are available for you, which you can put on and dispose of in the bin provided when you leave the factory outlet.

Q: Can I use your attachment service?
A: Yes, our attachment service has also been open again since 20.04.2020. Please contact our colleague Mr. Heck regarding dates.

Tel: 06331 / 1453 - 102
Mail: hans.heck@hepco-becker.de

Our newly introduced hygiene measures also apply here.