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Topcase Gobi silver

SKU: 610084 00 09
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Additional Information

Additional Information

Vehicle specific information Please check mounting instructions for more info
Item no. 610084 00 09
EAN 4042545505660
Weight 6.5 kg
delivery time 1-2 working days
Processing time 1-2 working days
color silver
effective packing volume 38 ltr.
measurements outside HxBxT = 31x46x37cm
inner measurements HxBxT 24,5x39x30

Product Description


  • Fits every helmet quickly
  • Extremely large helmets may not fit
  • Series About Metal Reel
  • Double walled special tray
  • Made of high-impact, dyed plastic
  • Absolutely watertight by special seal
  • Extremely stable metal locks
  • sidecase and topbox can be delivered with same locks if needed
  • Please specify the desired key number when ordering
  • Extensive range of accessories available
  • Fits all H & B Topcase carriers (tube baggage, Aluracks and Easyracks).
  • Recommended load: 5kg inside the topcase (please refere to the model specific carrier infos)


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Leakproof, impact proof, maybe even bombproof?
Bob S
Recently purchased a full set of GOBI luggage for an upcoming 6500 mile Great Lakes Circle Tour trip. The 42L Top Case fits my Large Arai Defiant Pro-Shield helmet (laid on its side) with plenty of room to spare to pack other gear around the helmet. I would like a bit more vertical space inside the Top Case, but since my helmet fits I'm happy. The hinge on the Top Case is moulded into the unit, it appears to be sturdy and I see no problem with it, but I wonder if it will last for many years of use? Hinges on the side cases are replaceable so there is no worry on those.

There is a good silicone seal to keep water out, and the locks make sure the lids are sealed against silicone. The locks are also partly recessed so they are somewhat protected by the plastic cases in an impact.

I have the Silver (Alu-Optic) color which is a light silver/gray color inside and out. Nothing to paint if you get a scratch because the color is moulded throughout the plastic.

The GOBI gear can take impact without damage, I'm sure if you slide across the asphalt or gravel it will scratch, but there is no doubt in my mind that these pannier cases and top case will maintain their integrity and bounce back after an impact. The double wall construction makes them look like an ice-chest and adds a bit of bulk (the side cases are about 1/2" wider than other 36L or 37L cases) but also gives them strength and impact resistance.

Another big advantage over many other brands is the fact that the carrier frame comes off the motorcycle quickly. Other than some mounting brackets, the majority of the frame removes with a few quick attach screws so you don't have to ride around with empty racks if you remove the pannier cases. Just untwist some quick attach screws and your carrier rack comes off the bike too.